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Who Is Jennifer?

Jennifer is a long standing Chesterton resident who is ready for change in local politics. After witnessing a $900,000 loss to the Town due to budgeting errors, ongoing discord between the Chesterton Town Council and Fraternal Order of Police, a federal lawsuit filed against the Town of Chesterton by Chesterton’s Firefighters, seeing prime commercial real estate sit vacant for years, and hearing the cries of the people, Jennifer has decided that it is time to put her skills to work for Chesterton.

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Why is Jennifer Running for Town Council?

Jennifer is running for election in Chesterton Town Council’s 5th District seat because she wants the opportunity to serve and better the community that she loves. As a practicing attorney, Jennifer has a valuable skill set that enables her to serve the Town of Chesterton in a variety of capacities. She has spent many years studying state and federal law, honestly representing and advocating for the interests of others, analyzing complex legal matters, working with municipalities, assessing liability, negotiating and writing contracts, resolving disputes, and bringing about just, ethical, and optimal resolutions for her clients. She is asking for your vote so that she can get to work for you and the Town of Chesterton.

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What Does Jennifer Stand For?

Jennifer stands for honesty, integrity, excellence, accountability, and servant hearted leadership.  She is running as an independent candidate in this election because she does not consider herself a “politician.” Rather, she views Town Council as an opportunity to use her skills to serve the people of her community. She views Town Council as a position of trust and responsibility. She will not take your vote for granted. Jennifer also stands for change. She is solution minded, innovative, and collaborative. She believes that it is time for Chesterton to grow by attracting sustainable new business development and working together with the Chamber of Commerce to support existing local businesses and bringing more events and activities to Chesterton.

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