Integrity, Accountability, & Change

Key issues in this race are integrity, accountability, and change. Since before filing her Petition for Nomination, Jennifer has been hard at work speaking with, and listening to the concerns of, Chesterton’s constituents and employees. They have expressed a strong desire for honest, ethical, and transparent leadership. Constituents are tired of equivocating political answers  - evading the whole truth and concealing mistakes. Town employees are tired of being taken advantage of, misrepresented, and denied an opportunity to be heard. Constituents, including Jennifer, want to hear the whole truth, see the best decisions made for Chesterton, and care about those who protect and serve Chesterton.


Taking Chesterton Back For Our Residents!


Taking Care of Chesterton's Residents

Your concerns matter to Jennifer. Constituents have expressed disapproval of Planned Unit Developments expanding existing single family home neighborhoods to include multi-unit housing developments and a desire to be heard. Jennifer will fight for the residents of Chesterton against new developments that will hinder the quiet enjoyment of their homes, cause traffic congestion, and risk residents’ property values.

Committed To Deliver Change In Chesterton!


Taking Care of the People That Protect and Serve Chesterton

There has been a great deal of discord between Jennifer’s opponent, Emerson DeLaney, and Chesterton’s Police and Firefighters during this term. Mr. DeLaney serves as the Chesterton Town Council’s liaison to Chesterton’s Police and Fire Departments. However, both Police and Firefighters have expressed a breakdown in communication with the Council. This resulted in Chesterton’s Fraternal Order of Police taking up media as a way to make their voices heard this term. 

The breakdown in communication resulted in our Firefighters retaining an attorney for the purpose of assisting them in getting a meeting to be heard regarding ongoing disputes concerning unpaid overtime, rising health insurance costs, negotiation of an employment contract, and scheduling of vacation time. Ultimately, these matters culminated in the filing of a federal lawsuit that is now pending against the Town of Chesterton alleging violation of Federal labor laws, breach of contract, and fraudulent misrepresentations made by Mr. DeLaney to Chesterton firefighters. Constituents, including Jennifer, want answers. When and how did the Town first learn that Firefighters were not paid required overtime? Why was the matter not addressed immediately? What efforts were made by the Council to resolve the dispute by agreement before the Firefighters filed suit? Why were back-overtime payments issued to Firefighters without first reaching an agreement concerning the amount owed, without obtaining a settlement agreement resolving the lawsuit, and without protecting the Town from unnecessary costs of litigation? Why did the Town change the policy for scheduling the Firefighters vacation time the day after the Firefighters signed a contract based on promises that no change in the policy would occur? How much will taxpayers pay for this lawsuit? There is no accountability in leadership unless hard questions are asked and answered. Jennifer knows the right questions to ask to get the whole truth for Chesterton residents. She is prepared to ask and will deliver honest answers. She understands the nature resolving disputes, management of litigation, and will work hard to assure that Constituents do not incur unnecessary costs of litigation,  assuring an optimal result for all parties involved in the lawsuit, repairing the broken relationships between Chesterton and its employees, and moving forward in a new direction that gives everyone an opportunity to be heard. 

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